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Getting Started

Planning Questions Here are seven questions to ask your company before you meet with us for space planning. Your responses will enable us to evaluate a potential space, start schematic design, or plan to renovate your existing suite:

  1. What changes in business strategy are we planning?
  2. What technology improvements will we initiate?
  3. How will strategic plans and technology affect our physical space?
  4. How do we want to work in the future?  Workstations with collaborative space?  Open benching type environment?  Cafes and collaborative areas?  Private offices?
  5. What functions well in our current space with our work processes? What needs improvement?
  6. Do we want to create a more sustainable “green” space or apply for LEED certification?
  7. What are key dates and schedule concerns?
  8. Has a budget been developed?

Planning Requirements

  1. A company organization chart noting which staff work remote and for what percent of their time
  2. Growth projections for the term of the intended occupancy
  3. Blueprints or CAD files of the new space
  4. Square footage and furniture typicals of your existing space
  5. Churn rate in current facility
  6. Space utilization estimate for new space
  7. Key requirements for the new space (workstations; collaboration, conference and meeting spaces; support spaces; public spaces)

The Design ProcessInquiry Form